Sim Rules

    Please understand, while we respect everyone, we have to protect
    this place and the people it means so much to. That means having to
    realize what kind of sim we are, what we do here, and how we do it.
    While it sometimes pains us to implement some rules, it is a necessary
    thing; so while you may not agree with the following rules, we ask that
    you please respect them. They are an exercise in finding compromise
    between a lot of various (and sometimes opposing) points of view.

We ask that you take the time to read over our sim rules IN THEIR entirety, please!

We also ask for your cooperation and understanding in adhering to and upholding them.


[ Sim-Wide Rules ]
   ➢ Complexity -  We ask that all visitors and guests keep their complexity
    around 100k (100,000) and keep script usage around 5MB. We have a
    Complexity and Script Monitor on the along the entrance wall that will
    provide you that information if you are unsure.     

    ➢ Trolling / Griefing -  Building, Pushing, and Flying are turned off
    to help prevent some of this, however; if you are caught trolling staff
    members and Guests (this includes things like harassment, or other malicious
    actions) you will be asked to stop. If you refuse to follow the directions
    of KS Staff, you can be asked to move to another part of the sim, or
    ejected and/or banned if there is a repeated refusal to comply.
    ➢ Weapons - Are not allowed in the Dancer's Pavilion, if you are seen
    with a weapon drawn (meaning not put away or sheathed) and this weapon
    is not a prop, you will be asked to move to another part of the sim.
    ➢ Voice - Voice is for everyone to use, should they choose to do so.
    Do not harass anyone into speaking if they do not want to! Also,
    out of respect, please do not try to talk over anyone, that's rude
    and will not be tolerated. A note : In order to respect the DJ’s
    who provide us entertainment weekly, there is no voice enabled
    on the {{ KS }} sim, this includes Dancer's Pavilion and Onsen areas.
        Likewise, we ask that everyone limit their use of long gestures/
        music during DJ sets. Staff at KS reserves the right to ask those
        that are seen abusing these things to stop.
        Again, if you refuse to follow the directions of KS Staff, you may be
        asked to move to another part of the sim, or ejected/banned if you
        refuse to comply.
    ➢ Harassment - Please do not harass Staff members or guests! If you
    are caught doing this, you will first receive a warning. If you refuse
    to adhere to the warning, then depending on the severity of the
    harassment, you will then be either ejected or banned. People are here
    to enjoy themselves and the Sim, and do not need someone being an asshole!
    Harassment can include gesture spam, verbal harassment, and/or not muting yourself.
    Harassment can also include, but is not limited to, malicious/passive aggressive
    comments and remarks about sensitive topics (other individuals, religion, politics,
    sim procedures and rules). This is truly common sense stuff -- in other words,
    don't be a dick and we will all get along well.

    If you find yourself dealing with harassment, please contact a Staff Member.

    If you have a truly legitimate concern with a any of the rules enacted
    at {{ KS }}, someone in management would be glad to speak with you; but
    that does not mean that you have the right to harass or assault anyone
    over them. If you handle the situation respectfully, respect will be
    returned, even if we have to agree to disagree. Any and all malicious
    and/or passive aggressive actions in regards to this can and will
    result in a ban.  
    ➢ Age Play / Avatar Appearance - This is an Adult sim with Adult themes
    and does not allow ANY Child Avatars or Under-aged players : Your profile
    must read 18+ and your avatar must look 18+. Management reserves the right
    to ask you to change, if your current avatar is found to be questionable.
    If your avatar or anything in your profile suggests you are not 18, you will
    be ejected and banned. Generally speaking, for visual standards, we consider
    anyone a child who is a woman with a childlike face and no visible breasts,
    any male or female with childlike features and small in stature in comparison
    to other avatars, or furniture.

    To this end, the guidelines are simple:
    - All avatars, regardless of type, must be at or taller than 5'4".
      There are limited exceptions to this, as determined by management.
    - Profiles must indicate that you are 18+, roleplay or otherwise.
    - You must look 18+, which means that certain <UTILIZATOR> products
      are not allowed.

      Individuals who choose to wear a <UTILIZATOR> HEAD product (M3/M4),
      or the ASR line of mesh heads, are welcome, so long as they are
      wearing a mesh body other than Kemono (such as Maitreya Lara, SLink, Belleza).     

    If you happen to be full/partial furry and therefore are wearing the
    Kemono body, you MUST have bits to clearly indicate gender.
    If anyone in management has to GUESS your avatar's physical age due to your
    avatar being entirely too short, and/or clearly child-like, you
    will be asked to change and failure to comply with that request
    will result in an ejection/ban.
    ➢ Clans / Empires / Bloodlines / Eternal Conflict - Although we respect  
    these Groups and their activities; we do not allow recruiting on the Sim.                  
    If you are caught recruiting/fighting/biting, you will be ejected!
    ➢ Nudity - It is okay to be naked in most other areas of the sim;
    however there is no nudity (partial or full) while in the Dancer's Pavilion.
    This includes sheer items that expose erogenous zones as the Dancers,
    Escorts, and Courtesans are the only one's permitted to be naked in
    the Dancer's Pavilion. If you are caught naked, you will be asked to dress
    yourself and if there is a failure to comply with the request, you will be
    asked to leave, or removed. TO BE CLEAR, if you are going to undress,
    you need to be in another part of the sim, NOT the Dancer's Pavilion floor.
    Please remain away until you are appropriately clothed, thank you!
    ➢ Sexual Acts - All sexual acts should stay in IMs, and should be consensual!
    If you are with an Escort or Courtesan, Private Rooms are available for a more
    complete experience.

                 ➢ Freelancing - {{ KS }} offers freelance boards available for rent at our landing spot, for a small fee. We have a no tolerance policy for anyone caught attempting to poach our guests and patrons; we kindly ask that you do not harass people with this sort of thing, and appreciate your cooperation in this. Thank you.

        Any questions regarding rules that are not answered here can be
        directed to a Staff Member!
                            ~  Kitsune Society Staff

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