.✦. Our Rules .✦.

- All avatar profiles should be over 30 days old.

- ALL avatars present in TMM related areas MUST LOOK 18+. What this means is the following::
  1. Absolutely NO child avatars
  2. <UTILIZATOR> bodies, M3/M4, and ASR heads are not allowed here. (Furry modifications are acceptable. Few exceptions may be allowed, solely at management's discretion.)
  3. You will be asked to change your avatar (or leave, if non-compliant) if it's found to be of questionable appearance as decided by management.
- It is okay to find yourself naked while visiting [ TMM ]; however if you are going to leave here to visit {{ KS }}, please dress yourself completely; this includes replacing sheer items that expose erogenous zones.     * We do have a topless policy here that we greatly encourage!

- We ask that you turn off any item that posts in local on its' own (such as tummies, pregnancy HUDs, Xcite emotes). Please set these items so that only you receive these notifications/messages! Thank you!
- Etiquette is important, please do not sit with anyone unless it is okay with that individual, whether verbally or via interaction during RP; please respect each other's avatars.
- Feel free to donate to the Ivory Milk Bar, we have some folks dedicated to the task, but will accept any help in keeping the tanks and bar topped off!

- In regards to TMM, specifically, ANY AND ALL sexual acts should move to IMs, and must be consensual!

- Harassment in regards to [ TMM ], includes bothering individuals with repeated breed requests, and/or about joining your milk related clan/family/harem/etc; to do so in the context of RP is acceptable, but once the offer is declined, we ask that you do NOT press the issue. People have come here to enjoy themselves and we ask that all guests respect that! We have a very strict 'no means no' policy that extends to everyone.

- NO DRAMA, Please. We are supposed to be adults, doing adult things on an adult rated sim. [ TMM ] Management does not mind assisting in cases where sim rules are being broken; however, we hope that any and all disagreements between our guests can be handled like we are.. well, adults.

- Please listen to the directions of the Milk Mistress, Directors, and Farmhands!

- Any questions, comments, or suggestions, please submit them via NC to Aya, TMM Milk Mistress.