[Freelancer Rules and Guidelines ]

Kitsune Society is a fun and loving community that
highly encourages Roleplay amongst our staff and
our patrons, and we strive to make the environment
an accepting, warm and welcoming one! Though our
Staff members have training in their roles, we do
expect all bodies on stage or in a tip jar to provide
the welcoming and entertaining experience that we
are known for. This page will outline some of the
things we expect out of any Freelancers that hop
up on stage.

   Avatar Requirements

  1. No Hyper Body Parts

  2. No base Kemono Avatars

  3. No non-mesh bodies

  4. No Flexi Hair

  5. No Excessive Particles

  6. No Low Quality body textures

  • A Female Body must have a bust size, and be at LEAST 5"4'. Males must also meet the height
    requirements, and have a bulge. If you look like a child or appear child-like, you will be asked to      change. For our full Avatar Appearance  requirements, please read over our Sim Rules   here:  
        - Tips and Rates
    You must be logged into our Freelancer tip jars to dance or escort here. If you are caught taking tips  under the table, you will be dealt with accordingly. Freelance jar will give you 60% of the tips.  
    We still expect Freelancers to abide by the Dancer Rates that we have here, they can be             found on the back wall of the club:

    Topless: 400L

    Naked: 800L

    Stage Side Cuddles: 200L for 5 min [In local]

    950 Lapdances - 10 Mins [You must be nude]

For the lap dance, the client can choose:

         Option A: Lap dance with basic flirty, fun conversation in Local Chat (Public Option)

         Option B: A sexy, more intimate RP in Private IMs (Private Option - this does not mean sex!)

         Most rules that are expected to be followed are rather basic and club wide, the links of which        can  be found here:


  Dancer Rules:
        - Pay attention and greet people as they come into the club!
        - Be active and talking while you are on stage, keep our guests entertained and happy!
        - Have a quality Avatar on with a Mesh Body! If you are not using a Mesh Body, you cannot be on stage.
        - Do not EVER beg for tips! This irritates customers and gives us a bad name. Charm and entice our lovely  patrons, and you are sure to make some L!
        - Give appropriate RP posts when someone gives you 100L or more in one tip. It doesn't have to be extravagant, but a line or two is an excellent way to not only show off your skills, but keep our Patrons excited and interested.
        - Don't take tips under the table!
        - Always be honest about how you identify! Whether you are boy or girl, we want you to be comfortable working and hanging out here!


        - Also, please be aware -- there is no nudity of any kind allowed in the Dancer's Pavilion UNLESS
                     - You are a Freelance Dancer with us,
                     - Are currently logged into a tip jar (or floating tip jar), and
                     - have been tipped accordingly.

        Nipple pasties and other full coverage items for the erogenous zones count; however, nipple piercings, and sheer/fishnet clothing items that do not leave much to the imagination are unacceptable.

        Another consideration for our Dancing/Escort Staff is to alpha out your naughty bits or use an omega applier/BoM layer that covers those areas as a means of discouraging those who decide to defender mesh clothing.

     - Do not ever AFK on Stage! You should be actively greeting and entertaining our guests so that they do not feel ignored. If you are AFK; not only can you not greet or talk to our guests, but you cannot thank them should you be tipped. If you need to AFK, step off of stage and logout of your Tip Jar.

        - Once you have been tipped enough to strip (400L for topless or 800L for full nude), you are to provide the tipping patron their due post. You are to remain nude until the TIPPING patron (meaning the one you gave the RP post to) has left the sim for roughly seven (7) minutes. After roughly seven (7) minutes of time has passed, you can then feel free to dress and RESET YOUR TIP JAR. The only exception is in the case of RL emergencies, where you should log out of your tip jar and clothe yourself until/if you return.                        

As a Freelancer there are a few more rules to mention, but not much!
               - Unless you are a VIP Member, the VIP area is  off limits!
               - Do not harass Staff Members.

.   With all of the rules and guidelines finally out of the way, you are free to now show us what you got and dance til your heart is content! We appreciate very much that you've come to have a little fun with us, and look forward to seeing your beautiful personality shine bright in our community, and hope that you will come to find this place to be home as we have! ♥
            -- The Kitsune Society Management and Staff