The following are some questions that have been asked in regards to [ TCD ] and Shrine, their functions, etc.

Q1. I know nothing about the Milking Systems here; where do I go for info on them?
A1. While we always encourage folks to ask questions, sometimes it feels so overwhelming you don't even know where to start~ So in order to assist, here are the websites for each system.

:mused: MilkMade -  https://musedlife.com/
Ivory Dainty Dairy -  https://lab737.myportfolio.com/ivory
Muffin's Milkers - https://muffinsmilkers.com

Generally speaking :mused: and Muffin's will require more of your time if you want to be successful in the various aspects of it. :mused: has a Linden money market attached to its seed and milking aspects; Muffin's has its own in-game currency (moolah). Both Muffin's and :mused: have leaderboards for various aspects of the systems. Ivory is truly more inclined towards those who are looking to add its elements to various RP or kink settings. For more details, please check the links above.

Q2. So why aren't there stables/milk equipment at the Shrine?
A2. The Shrine and [ The Chibusa Den ] are two separate areas that occupy the same space, RP is allowed in both areas and generally speaking the rules are very much the same. Just be mindful of yourself, and of nudity at the Shrine proper; the denizens there can be overtly blunt and sometimes cruel things ~

To be very clear, [ TCD ] (the farm area and the rental skybox) are the areas where nudity (partial and full) and the milking equipment are located and allowed. [ The Muu Muu Club ] is where some [ TCD ] non RP related gatherings (in the case of a music event) will be held, but there is no nudity allowed. RP is allowed at the Shrine area, but there will never be any milking items there, so please be mindful as you explore.

Q3. Can I apply to work at TCD/The Shrine?
A3. We are not looking to hire anyone, so there will be no applications. We would much rather you come here and enjoy yourself! If the time comes where we are looking to expand our current staff, management will take note of folks who are exemplary members of our little community and will approach these individuals.

Q4. Why not certain body/head meshes?
A4. If you remotely look like or act like a child (whether that is your intention or not), that puts a lot more than just this parcel at risk. [This is not to be confused with bbg/CG relations.] To be clear, if you show up at [ TCD ] with a questionable avatar on or acting in such a way, you will be messaged privately about it. After the first warning, you'll be ejected and repeat offenders will be banned. This is absolutely nothing personal, and we ask for your cooperation and understanding in the matter.

Yes, we know that certain sims allow this look and we encourage you to visit them. We would never encourage a boycott on a sim for their preferences and choices, and if you need help finding a sim friendly to a particular theme, then please ask.