The rates above are what apply only for our Dancers & Courtesan's here at KS. This means if anyone with one of the said tags is on stage they are to follow what we ask and must offer to you as a guest!

Please keep in mind Courtesans are also approved to Escort - and if you see them working on the dance floor they do not follow by the above rates. The rates only apply to individuals who are dancing up on stages or dance poles.

If a Dancer or Courtesan is on stage and you tip them 200L or the 950L and they do not offer you the corresponding service please let someone on the management board that is present know.  But also keep in mind these services are optional and you do not have to take them!

200L Cuddles - 5 Mins

These are friendly cuddles that our dancers give you in any of the PG cuddle chairs in the club area.  All conversations related to this service must be public friendly.

950 Lapdances - 10 Mins

  • Nude

  • The client can choose:

Option A: Lapdance with basic flirty, fun conversation in Local Chat (Public Option)

Option B: A sexy, more intimate RP in Private IMs (Private Option - this does not mean sex! If the dancer is a Courtesan you may ask them for their Rate Card and follow them to one of our three themed escort rooms for a more in-depth experience!)


The following info only applies to our Escorts & Courtesans here at KS. Any staff member with either of those tags will be able to give you A Rate Card that will detail the extra services they are willing to provide and are approved by Management.

If you are interested in someone's service you can click the corresponding board on the club's back wall where it says "Escorts", it will provide their rate card to you! Messaging them for their Rate Card is also an option, if you choose to do so. After services are agreed upon, and the time is set, please make sure to pay their tip jar before moving to the Escort Hall!

Then you will pick a room and pay the room fee -- this is because we ask that our Escorts stay on the sim for the protection of both our staff and you, their client. The exception to this is date nite services which some of our Escorts offer, but please remember, any issues that occur off-sim are harder for us to mediate, so please be respectful of one another.

If there should arise any issues between the Escort and Client, we are happy to assist you and encourage you to reach out to our staff for help.