Dancer & Escort General Information

     The Kitsune Society is an open community that welcomes all kinds of people, preferences, and personalities!  We do our best to maintain a friendly, safe environment where anyone can come, make themselves at home, and have a fun, positive, and inclusive experience. Part of what we do to make that happen is cater to the adult needs and wants of our guests. That said, our lovely Dancers, Escorts and Courtesans are here not only for the purpose of using their alluring bodies to arouse and entice, but they are also here to bring out their unique charms, interests and skills in order to provide quality companionship and conversation for an equally varied group of individuals.

     All Dancers, Escorts, and Courtesans operate differently in the trade, which is absolutely fine!  Some are spunky or shy people who don't get dirty or flirty until they find that the time is right, and some are quite naughty and not afraid to let their "freak flags" fly!  Regardless of how you perform your show, be sure to keep in mind that we are here to entertain ❤   


[ General Rules, Requirements & Guidelines ]

▶ Note:  Please make sure that you meet the general requirements that apply to all Staff members as


well as those specific to your desired position before applying, as not doing so can be grounds for


rejection of your application or demotion for current Staff.

▶ Note:  Generally speaking, English is the primary language utilized at {{ KS }}. We welcome all to apply so long as they [1]. are comfortable in this setting and [2]. don't mind using a translator (if  necessary).


                [1] Have a QUALITY Mesh Avatar. Please check Sim Rules on what is and isn’t allowed.


                [2] Wear appropriate attire for your position.


                [3] Have a basic knowledge of role-play.

                [4] Be honest about how you identify!


                [5] Be a positive person in general!


                [6] Do not beg for tips or use them as a means of competition.


                [7] Greet and engage with guests as well as other staff members as they enter the club and role-

                play areas!

                [8] Do not accept tips “under the table,” meaning that all contributions must be made through the                  use of tip jars and never paid to an individual directly.  


                ▶Note:  Please keep in mind that you keep 80% of your tips, but the small percentage that is taken goes to support the club and sim that facilitates your job, and is very important. Without this income and other donations made by our patrons, guests, and staff, the Kitsune Society would not be able to continue functioning and growing; not only for those who rely on this place as a means of gaining funds but also for those who consider our people to be family ❤


                [9] Most importantly, treat EVERYONE with respect!

If you have read and understand the above, and are willing to adhere to these guidelines, then please read the following job descriptions and choose the position that you are interested in:

❤ KS Dancer -

These staff members always perform on stage, mastering the art of visual entertainment as well as adult emoting/role-play. They offer the four basic paid services: Cuddles, Topless, Nude, and Lap Dance.

❤ KS Escort -

These staff members mingle around the club and sim, specializing in providing an up-close-and-personal, more in-depth experience by offering extra companionship

and sex services as outlined in their personal rate cards.

They do not offer basic club services and are not required to dance.

❤ KS Courtesan -


These Staff members essentially play the role of a Dancer, as well as an Escort. They have the option of dancing on the ground level among the crowd, if the dance stages are full. They offer all basic club services while on duty as well as additional companionship and sex services as outlined in their personal rate cards.