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  Welcome to [ The Milk Menagerie ] Farm & Dairy!
  [ The Milk Menagerie ] Farm and Dairy is formerly [ The Chibusa Den ] @ Kitsune Society. This labor of love is a sister project of some of the staff members there, a space friendly to those who enjoy the RP associated with the use of some of the milk/lactation systems available in Second Life, primarily Muffin's Milkers, and LAB737's Ivory Dainty Dairy! Regardless of how you interact with the system of your choice or why, we wanted to create a space with all the items and fun toys necessary to get the most of out it!

  [ The Milk Menagerie ] is an independently owned and operated roleplay friendly area, separate from {{ KS }} but sharing a sim. We always want to encourage roleplay, but we understand that some visitors and guests might not be here for that, or would just prefer to chat; to that end, we ask that all be respectful of one another.

Please use the links below to read over some important information about the parcel and the rules that govern the space. Thank you for your interest~!